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You Empower People Living With Cancer

Every day we see the profound impacts of your generosity, your kindness, your boundless altruism. We witness unbridled courage, kindness and support shared openly and freely within the walls of our centres. We see members transcend challenges, find community, feel empowerment, and gather tools for wellness, wholeness and joyful living. We witness the unprecedented skills and commitment of our facilitators, and the dedication of our incredible volunteers. We feel overwhelming gratitude that, as staff, we get to play a role in such important work.

Every day we see, bear witness to, and feel the impact of your giving. This is what YOU do for people living with cancer.


Wellspring Members share the impact of Wellspring in their cancer journey:


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Each year we ask Wellspring Calgary members to provide feedback about our programs and services. Here’s what they told us in 2018: 

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